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Each bottle opener is on a portion of a finished stave. Staves are the individual pieces of wood that form the barrel. The staves have been dried, cleaned up, stained and sealed with a matte finish polyurethane. The stave also has been predrilled with a countersunk hole behind the bottle opener for easy mounting of the bottle opener.

Mounting a Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

  1.  Unscrew the bottle opener from the stave piece
  2.  Screw through hole in stave piece into the wall or cabinet
  3.  Replace the bottle opener and screw it back into place over top of the screw going into the wall

Our hand-held bottle openers are also a great gift to throw in with a case of beer. Grab one for your boat, keep one in your cooler or to have on hand in your barn. One should never be without a bottle opener!

Grab a beer and enjoy!  Cheers!


These hand held bottle openers are a great man cave addition, groomsmen gifts or bar essential.  The bottle opener are attached to a piece of a whiskey barrel stave.  The staves are cut, sanded, stained in dark walnut color and then varnished with a matte finish polyurethane.  The back of the staves are clear coated to keep the char character of the barrel without the mess.  Grab a six pack and your bottle opener and you are all set for a great day!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 2 in


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