• Are you collecting all the Blanton's bottle toppers?  Here is a full stave finished with spots for all eight toppers to fit into perfectly.  Spell out Blanton's with your toppers and see the horse run by.  This stave is made from a whiskey barrel.  It is sanded, stained in a dark walnut color with a matte finish polyurethane.  We add some hoop pieces to the ends of the stave for a fun metal and wood finish.
  • Anyone out there collecting those Blantons horses?  Whether you have all 8 or are in the process of collecting them, this product is just for you!  This shelving unit is made from a bourbon barrel head.  It is cut in half and then the pieces are attached to each other.  There are 8 holes drilled into the bottom portion of the head to hold all the horses in place perfectly.  This piece is stained in a dark walnut color with a matte polyurethane finish.  This piece looks great with the bottle of Blanton's you are currently working on in the middle of the display! This piece measures 21.25 inches wide, 11.75 inches tall, and 10.75 inches deep. Horses and Blanton's Bourbon are not included with this piece.  This is just the shelving unit.  Start your collection today and enjoy the ride!
  • Wall Rack

    These wall racks look great placed on the wall above a half barrel.  They offer more shelf space to showcase some of your "top shelf" beverages.  You do not have to display beverages on them though, others have used them to showcase their drinking glass collection and their shot glass collection.  These racks resemble the shape of a barrel being 25 inches wide 35 inches tall and vary slightly in the depth from 4-5 inches.  Like all our products the unit is stained in a dark walnut color and finished with two coats of a matte polyurethane. Two holes have been drilled into the vertical stave on the back of the rack for mounting.  We suggest using heavy-duty dry wall anchors rated for 50+ lbs.  Use long screw and drill into the anchor leaving 1.5 inches out for the wall rack to hang from.
  • Our wall racks look great on the wall above a half barrel!  The wall rack has two shelves to hold your wine bottles with additional staves cut to hold up to 8 stemware.  Stained in a dark walnut with a matte polyurethane finish. Holes are drilled into the vertical staves on the back for mounting the unit on the wall.  Use heavy duty drywall anchors if you are not going into studs and leave the screws out 1 1/2inche for the wall rack to hang on.  The units are 35 inches tall by 24 inches wide by 4-6 inches deep.  Sizes vary depending on the staves used.
  • Our large wine rack is made from staves of barrels.  The staves are cleaned up, stained in dark walnut color and finished with a matte polyurethane. Each row holds 10 bottles single file with some double stack you can fit a total of 75 bottles on this rack!  There are leveling feet on the bottom to help provide stability if needed.  Definitely a statement piece here!


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