Outdoor Full Barrel Bars


At many events we have been asked, “Can the barrel bars be outside?”

Now they can!  Yes, these full barrel bars have an exterior or outdoor grade polyurethane on them.  The barrels have been dried, sanded and stained in our dark walnut color.  We then apply two coats of exterior polyurethane, the same finish we use on exterior benches and flags, to the full barrel and then third coat to the top of the barrel.  The shelf in the barrel is also on a rotary therefore it can spin!  No need to reach to the back of the shelf just give it a little spin and grab what you want.  The exterior polyurethane does finish slightly different than our interior polyurethane we use on majority of our products.  The exterior polyurethane is a gloss finish as our interior polyurethane is a matte finish.  The shelf in the barrel is made from a marine grade plywood as well.  We still suggest to keep the barrel in a covered area, the barrels are not sealed to keep water out.  Place the barrel on your deck or at poolside for a great conversation piece and additional beverage storage!

Looking to add a little height to the barrel?  Add some of our heavy-duty black hairpin feet!  These feet have been handmade right in Zeeland, Michigan.  They are made from 1/2 in steal and powder coated in a satin black finish.

Add a outdoor cover to your order to keep the barrel looking great!  These covers are made with an outdoor fabric that repels water and keeps the elements from the barrel.

Barrels stand 36 inches tall and are 24 inches wide.

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Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 36 in


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