Adirondack Chair

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These are not your typical Adirondack chairs as these are made from wine barrels!  They are built using the staves, triple coated exterior screws and are very sturdy.  These chairs are not sealed and do not have to be sealed as the white oak the barrels are made from, will resist rot even better than cedar does.  The chairs will sun fade and gray outside naturally.  These chairs are also made for comfort!  The back angle of the chair has been brought forward for better back support and the seat is higher than your typical Adirondack chair.  These changes make it much easier to get in and out of.  These chairs also have two stemware holders in them.  If you are right-handed, left-handed or want to double fist it you are all set in these chairs!

The chairs are made by order and take 4-6 weeks to complete the order.  These cannot be shipped.  Pick up from our in-home showroom located in Zeeland, and local delivery with additional fee is also an option.

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  1. Andrew Mavis

    Wow!! Just had the opportunity to do the “Touchy Feely” on these fine pieces of Artistry in Allegan, MI 8/27/23. …Not just a pretty Chair but a true work of Craftsmanship !!
    Comfortable ! Smooth and Pretty !! such attention to detail ! …Im creating a space for these “Extra Ordinary” …( Not your conventional Adirondack style Chairs ) in my personal slice of Heaven, may need four of these Beauties to share the experience with Family and Friends.
    So many thoughtful functions and adaptations from the simple lines of Wine and Whiskey Barrels, Very Creative Products !!

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